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  • Hi guys,

    I am having some problems with the Subscribe2 plugin. When I go to send an email and I click ‘Preview’ or ‘Send’ I get an error message: Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider

    Does anyone know what could be causing this. It’s very strange because when I use the form on my site to register a new user, the new user receives the email that asks them to complete and confirm the subscription. Once they have confirmed and completed the subscription, I then receive the email telling me that I have a new subscriber. Also, when I go into the settings and click ‘Send Email Preview’ it works and I receive the email preview.

    Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • @fembiz,

    This is an error message from the plugin telling you that the email, for some reason, could not be sent.

    I’s guess it’s down to one of two things. Firstly, when you sent emails from that page they are sent from the email address of the currently logged in user. (That’s not necessarily the case for the other emails you mention). It may be that the logged in users email is not ‘on-domain’ with the blog, so it may be listed in the profile as a googlemail, yahoo or msn email for example. In this case the server will reject it as it will look like a spoof header spam email.

    The other possibility is that because you are trying to send emails to possibly lots of people all at the same time you have exceeded a time based limit on the server – some hosting companies only allow say 100 emails per hour. If you’ve exceeded this all subsequent emails will get blocked until things reset after either a predefined lockout period has passed (like 24 hours hours) or until the hosting provider unblock your account for sending again.

    Thanks for your suggestion MattyRob. However, the email address of the logged in user is on the same domain and is definitely not a Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN email address.

    The second possibility you suggested also cannot be correct. I am only trying to send it to one person. Also, our hosting provider does not have a limit on how many emails we send.

    This means there is something else wrong. But what confuses me is that I am able to send preview emails and I receive emails when someone signs up. Also, I am using the Configure SMTP plugin and I am able to send emails with that.


    Have you tried using Subscribe2 without the Configure SMTP plugin? Does that make any difference?

    Also, if your hosting provider has no email limitations or restrictions at all I’d find that very hard to believe and I’d move providers. With no limitations at all they will soon be over run by spammers and your site will suffer. That said, I really don’t think they have no limitations – I have yet to find a hosting provider with no limitations in 6 years of looking after Subscribe2.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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