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  • I just installed Subscribe2. It works.

    How do I change who the emails are from, they are comingthrough as from “admin” and I want to change that. Thanks in advance, ad

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  • By default emails come from the first admin user in your WordPress database. If you edit these user details you can change the name the email comes from.

    If you want to make more changes that that visit the plugin site and search for the answer.

    Actually, the option “Send emails from” can be set to “Post Author”.

    Unfortunately, this is how I have things set up, but what my users get is email from: on behalf of Ronit Baras []

    Instead of just:

    Ronit Baras []

    Ugly, right?

    Is this related to how the plugin sends emails?

    Checking the email headers, I noticed there is a “Sender:” header line, specifying the hosting account user, which results in what I see in Outlook.

    I can’t find anything in the subscribe2 or phpmailer code that inserts this header, unless I set phpmailer’s $Sender myself, which I didn’t.

    Hmmm… Apparently, this is something my hosting provider put in (and now has taken out). Side issue closed.

    To summarize, email sender for subscribe2 can be configured via a drop down on the settings page. Set it to “post author” or whatever you want and the plugin will do the rest.

    I have a similar problem to galbaras, maybe the same… I’m sure it is a configuration problem with WordPress but I’m some kind of noob here so please have patience and help if possible. I’ve deactived Subscribe2 until I can find a solution.

    My host is GoDaddy and they installed WordPress for me through their hosted application feature. I recently installed Subscribe2 and its working just fine except for the identity of admin. The blog has only one user – the administrator. When I look in the DB table, that is user #1. However, there are a number of problems in Subscribe2.

    1) There is on one choice to identify the sender. The pulldown has an option for the post author but nothing else.

    2) At the bottom of the subscription confirmation email, there is no name provided. At the bottom of the email it reads:

    Thank you,

    Note that a double dot appears in place of the administrator’s name.

    3) THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM: The email address that sends the subscription confirmation email is my FTP user for the website. I cannot figure out how WordPress and Subscribe2 even know about my FTP username. I asked GoDaddy but they went from unhelpful to blunt to a bit nasty. So here is a description of the problem: When a stranger enters their email address into the Subscribe2 widget and clicks the “subscribe” button, they receive an email from my FTP account name rather than from the WordPress administrator. This is totally unacceptable and I’ll put any fix in place necessary to resolve this.

    I tried to find on this site how to hardcode the sender’s email address but I couldn’t find it. I’m sure that GoDaddy installed WordPress incorrectly or that I have failed to complete the configuration but I cannot find a single problem.

    At first I noted that the WordPress administrator had a username but no First and Last names. I thought that maybe this invoked the following code:

    // Set sender details
     if ('' == $this->myname) {
       $admin = $this->get_userdata($this->subscribe2_options['sender']);
       $this->myname = html_entity_decode($admin->display_name);
       $this->myemail = $admin->user_email;

    As a WordPress noob, I don’t know what value $this->myname is meant to have nor do I understand the get_userdata function. I have now given the administrator a first and last name but the subscription notifications are still being sent out by my FTP user.

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    Thanks, Mark

    Hi all, I wish I could get help to understand why subscribe2 sends out subscription confirmation emails from my FTP username. If I don’t make progress soon, I’ll have to look for other solutions… Thanks, Mark

    There are plugins that allow you to change the wordpress admin sender name and email without digging into code. I have just added a plugin that will allow that, as well as the ability to include user name in the email (with a default if no name). see

    Oddly enough, I’ve just upgraded Subscribe2 to version 4.17, my settings page shows “Post Author” selected, yet my emails are now being sent from my administrator email, instead of the post author’s email.

    The code for this makes sense:

    $admin = $this->get_userdata($this->subscribe2_options['sender']);
    $this->myname = html_entity_decode($admin->display_name);
    $this->myemail = $admin->user_email;

    However, in the new version, this code is tucked away in a new function headers(), which is called without checking if ('' == $this->myname), as per the previous version.

    Matthew Robinson?

    As for the “on behalf of” issue, 1shoppingcart has started doing this too and assured me it makes email systems trust my emails more. It’s the new way of establishing email trust, they say.

    My company uses a service called AWeber ( to send out our weekly eNewsletters. The emails go out using the “on behalf of” format but since they require all recipients to have previously opted in to receive email from us, it seems like a silly additional thing to toss into the mix. I’d prefer if the header just had our email address but apparently as galbaras pointed out, providers and network admins seem to be looking for that additional point of “verification” that the email came from a host server “on behalf of” a (trusted) source.

    I’m having the same problem as galbaras. Despite the settings page having “Show Author” selected as the from email, the email notifications about posts are coming from “admin”

    I may try hacking the code to fix this, but I’m no expert. Would love to see a fix of this if it is indeed a bug. (This is version 4.17)

    UPDATE – Looks like the bug was fixed with version 4.18, which was released a couple days ago.

    Thanks for fixing this Subscribe2 folk(s)!

    @atracksler I think this can be set to ‘resolved’

    I’m having the same problem, using the newest version of Subscribe2, 5.01.


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