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  • The host allows smtp and php mail to be sent.
    I tried wp-cron, swift, cimy swift, wp-phpmailer. Host package runs PHP5.
    wp-cron = nothing
    swift = connection refused
    cimy swift = authentication
    wp-phpmailer = nothing

    I have even tried a gmail account.

    I really like what this plugin could do, but it seems nothing works.

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  • Ecvogel,

    Have you contacted your hosting company to ensure there are no email restrictions? The server logs will tell you why the emails are not sending.

    Try with Cimy Swift SMTP 1.2.0 that I released yesterday and report back please.

    S2 would send notices to registered users (just 2 of my personal addresses), but nothing to Subscribers. I tried everything.

    Finally went to my hosting service ( which has an excellent support service ( They worked on it for a few hours last night, at no cost to me. Finally they came up with this:


    We have sent several test messages and discovered that when the “Send Emails for Private Posts” delivery option is enabled, the plugin does not include the Public Subscribers in the BCC list. We have set the “Send Emails for Private Posts” option to “No” and the test message has been sent to the subscribers.

    Please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance to you.

    Best Regards,

    Why that happens I have no idea. But my problem is apparently solved. Awesome!

    i h

    i have same problem
    admin gets mails (only registered users)
    but nothing to public subcribers and confirmed.
    AND my “Send Emails for Private Posts” option is OFF.

    it changes nothing or me
    i am using s2 4.7

    could neone help??


    Public subscribers won’t be able to read Private Posts until they register thus making them a Registered user and subscriber – that is whjy Private Subscribers aren’t added to the BCC header for Private Posts – I’ll check the code and make sure it’s not a global exclusion.

    Have you contacted your hosting provider to make sure you are allowed to send emails using a BCC header via PHP?

    I am having the same problem. Public subscribers don’t receive email posts or direct emails. I use – there are no restrictions.

    Only registered users get the emails.


    There are restriction on hostmonster from what I can find:

    # Bluehost Email Send Rate Limit & SMTP Restrictions

    The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site / domain hosted by Bluehost:

    Bluehost email send rate limit – the default limit is set to 50 emails per hour. The limit may be raised by contacting the Bluehost support team and explaining why you need the send email limit to be lifted

    Bluehost other SMTP limits – outgoing messages sent via Bluehost can not exceed 10Mb per email (including attachments)

    Bluehost email FAQ –

    * The HostMonster email policy is identical with the one of Bluehost.

    That particular account is upped to 500 emails an hour (an option that you have to request). The list I have is less than that.

    Is there any other reason why it would send to only registered users and not public subscribers?

    or should i simply uninstall it and try reinstalling it?

    I just updated to 4.8, am on bluehost, and am having the same problems. I tried SMTP server, but that only went out to admins. I then tried just using Subscribe2 4.8 alone, and nothing went out. I tried reinstalling. Still the same result.

    Any suggestions if someone figures this out would be much appreciated.


    I’m a Yahoo customer, and so far my emails were working very well. The number of registrations on my blog has increased since my last post, but as far as I know, Yahoo has no restrictions on numbers of emails sent.
    Yesterday I posted and none – including myself – has received notification about.

    The only thing that has changed is the message – instead of an English message, I have updated the “you have received a new post” message to Portuguese (main language of my subscribers)

    SHould I have to reset the message to English? What else can be happening?


    Did you get your Bluehost issues resolved? I am on bluehost. I have yet to get Subscribe2 to work. I can send test emails in wp-Mail-SMTP, PHPmail and SMTP, but none of the subscribe functions work on the site.

    When I log out and try to subscribes it just says there was a server error.

    Any suggestions out there? or a subscribe plugin that will work?

    Here is the error log from Bluehost.
    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-mail.smtp.php line 86.
    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class s2class in subscribe2.php line 54

    I can subscribe an email address in the subscribe2 widget (no confirmation shows up and no way for user to login to change settings).
    I can send a test email in the “email””Settings” page.
    I cannot get “Mail Subscribers” under “Posts” to work. I get a instantiate error.

    Any ideas anyone?

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