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  • I notice that Subscribe2 allows for you either to notify a subscriber for ea. post you publish; or to notify by daily digest. At a subscriber’s request, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to follow the subscribe2.php instructions to get daily digest working. Here’s what the file says to do:

    // change this to TRUE if you want a daily digest of the day's posts
    // send to your subscribers
    define('S2DIGEST', TRUE);


    Here’s what my relevant script looks like:
    // are we doing daily digests? If so, don't send anything now
    if ( defined('S2DIGEST') && TRUE === S2DIGEST ) { return; }


    I should add that both bits of code displayed the word FALSE originally. I changed the word to TRUE in the first bit of code as it directs, but daily digests didn’t happen. So I just changed the word to TRUE in the 2nd bit of code to see if that would activate the digest. Was what I did w. the 2nd bit of code wrong & should I change it back?

    Are there any other portions of this file I need to change to get this to work? Can anyone tell fr. this post whether I’m doing something wrong or if there’s some other problem preventing this fr. working?

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  • Richard,
    Have you installed the WP-Cron plugin from the author? I know that item is required to do the daily posts. I also believe you only need to change the first False to True.

    I am having trouble getting S2 to send out the emails at all (it was working fine until 2 weeks ago) but when it did work the daily feature worked great.

    You can get WP-Cron at Skippy’s site.

    Hope this was helpful

    I looked up Wp-Cron & nothing that it does appears to relate to sending out emails for the Subscribe2 plugin. This is the closest it gets to this subject:

    wp-cron-mail: a plugin version of the wp-mail.php script, written to use WP-Cron to support blog-by-email.

    And that’s not related to subscribing as far as I can tell. I also saw no mention of the need to install wp-cron in the FAQs about Subscribe2.

    But on the strength of yr suggestion that I only need to change the first FALSE to TRUE I’ll go back & reinstall this file & change that first setting & see what happens.

    But as I said, even with the first setting on TRUE, the digest never worked for me. So I’m not sure what would change. But let’s see.

    Sorry to hear that it stopped working for you altogether. That’s a bummer. Subscribe2 is such a good idea (w/o the glitches).

    I believe I’ve identified at least one problem which may’ve caused the plugin to function strangely. I noticed that I had at least 2 earlier versions of subscribe.php installed on my server. Even though I only have the latest version activated on my plugin pg., I figured that perhaps the earlier versions might somehow conflict & cause the plugin not to work as it should.

    I’ve just removed the earlier subscribe.php files & now the plugin IS sending notifications (those had stopped lately for some reason). But until just now, I hadn’t changed the FALSE portion of the code to TRUE in order to activate daily digests. Within 24 hrs. when the next notification should go out, we’ll see if that was my problem or something else is at fault.

    This is from Skippy’s site:
    Better still, subscribe2 2.2.1 offers support for daily digests of all new posts from the previous day. Again, this feature requires WP-Cron. To enable this feature, simply edit line 46 in subscribe2.php and change the FALSE to TRUE. At the start of each new day, your subscribers will receive a summary of new posts from the previous day, in the following format:

    As you can see, to use the daily digest you must have WP_Cron installed. It is on the plugin page on his site.

    Geez, thanks BigDog for researching this further & proving that you were indeed correct in yr first msg. to me about needing to use wp-cron. I sure wish Skippy would note this in connection with Subscribe2 version 2.2.2. I didn’t see anything about wp-cron when I reviewed his installation instructions for S2. But maybe it was there & I just didn’t see it.

    Anyway, thanks for that heads up.

    BTW, there are 6 variants of the plugin after installing all the wp-cron files. Can I get away with just activating the ‘wp-cron’ plugin & leaving the other cron titled plugins inactive or do I need to activate all of them?

    Purely in the “for what it is worth category”… you might want to just have a look at (?)

    After installing wp-cron yesterday I just got my first daily digest e mail. So BigDog was right about that being necessary for daily digest to work.

    However, I noticed that I received 3 separate e mail notices all the same & all in plain text mode. I’m a little unclear about why that happened. But at least the daily digest now works.

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