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    When someone subscribes to a blog on our multisite installation, the confirmation E-mail comes from the network admin instead of the admin of the site. The E-mails are set to come from “Post Author.” If I change that to a specific user, then the E-mail does come through properly from that address, but I’d like this to work without having to do that since some of our blogs have two authors associated with them.

    An ideas on a way to make it not default back to network admin for these types of notifications?

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  • @stevish,

    Do you have Subscribe2 enabled Network wide by any chance? I don’t use Multisite myself but Subscribe2 will work better if enabled per site rather than as a Network plugin.

    Ok, that could be the source of it. We have been using it for some time as a network plugin.

    What is the potential fallout of switching? Will we lose settings or subscribers or anything? There are over 500 blogs running on this installation, so it has to be a pretty smooth transition.


    Changing now is going to cause some issues for certain. The public subscriber table will be created per sub-blog and Registered users will need to be members of each sub-blog in order to subscribe.

    It might be better to stick with what you’ve currently got and accept some limitations, or certainly to do that while you investigate moving to per-blog deployment.

    Ok, thanks for your help.


    You should also know that future releases will check for Multisite and disallow network activation so beware of updating until you have managed to transition over (if you are going to do that).


    Actually, the subscriber tables were already created on a per sub-blog basis, even though the plugin was “network activated”

    We have a test blog (not a perfect situation, E-mail and some other functions are disabled), and I tried it there: I clicked “Network Deactivate”, then went and mass activated it on each blog. There doesn’t seem to have been any loss of subscriber tables or options.

    Do you have any ideas of other potential problems before I try this on my live blog?


    Having reviewed my code and also some of the core WordPress function code I think you may be okay after all. It seems that most of the settings functions and table functions the code use (WordPress and Subscribe2) uses the $wpdb global which does respect the current blog.

    That means tables and settings should have been created in the right places.

    Get a good backup of all your live site database tables and then change over at a quiet time. Let me know how it goes too so I can keep a record should this happen for others in the future.

    I seem to have this same issue, despite subscribe2 set to send from a specific user, it uses the network admin.

    I have a staging area and was able to network disable and then reactivate without any loss of subscribers, but it is still sending from the network admin rather than the selected user, what is strange however is that it is acutally using the selected user Name for the email, but is still sending from the network admin email address.

    @taylor4484 – this thread is outdated and marked resolved – please post your own topic.


    It sounds like the email sending header is being re-written somewhere then. Have you checked if it’s coming for other plugins by temporarily disabling them to test?


    Thanks for the quick response! Checking the email header I was able to track back the issue, when I migrated from single site to multisite some of my users didn’t transfer, the account subscribe2 uses to send from was one of those uses. So despite subscribe2 showing that user in the “send from user” list, when it sent emails, it didn’t actually have that user, and defaulted to the blog admin!

    I think this is more of an issue with how I moved from a single install to multisite Having figured this out, I think that it defaulting to the network admin is a good alternative to just failing to send email and subscription verification emails.

    Fantastic plugin! Our company relies on it for our blog subscriber management! If you are ever in Austin, TX, I owe you a beer!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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