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    As many incur, my hosting does have a 500 emails an hour limit, and with a 3,000 count list, I must have a throttling solution. Currently, I am at wits end trying to throttle emails from Subscribe2 8.7 through Mailer 1.1.0 by Stefano Lissa, which does not work no matter what setting tried, via wp_mail() or SMTP. Yes, I tried to purchase WordPress Mail Queue (WPMQ) 2.0 previously, but the purchase function is disabled at: I read on some places that the PHP constructs within WPMQ 2.0 is triggering maleware reports? Therefore assume that is why it was disabled.

    I did install WP Mail Log 0.2 by MacDonald that confirms that the emails are being generated, albeit not making into the Mailer 1.1.0 queue, rather using wp_mail() or SMTP.

    Whatever the case, is there a working solution within this planetary system for controlling abbreviated text only outbound emails to Public Subscribers? I would be happy to share the blog login credentials via direct email if possible, for personal examination. A fix would also be worthy of some payment.

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  • @inndesign, announced that it was closing down in December of 2012. Since then WordPress Mail Queue has found a new home:

    I’m not sure about any malware reports but I’d suggest that they are false positives.

    Thanks Matty. Purchased the WordPress Mail Queue 2.1 plugin, installed. Set to 35 emails every five minutes to stay five below the maximum allotted, and the emails are outbound without any further complications!

    It would be nice to add a POP3 bounce management feature like Mailer 1.1.0 has, that allows a person to monitor and adjust the list for deleted or blocked email from a specified account.

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