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  • sjc


    Excited that Yoast is taking this great plugin forward.
    I fully appreciate the work that’s do and that the plugin is free but the what’s new / subscribe nag is pretty large and obtrusive and appears on every admin page. Could I suggest it would be better to either only have this appear in the settings for the plugin, or that you offer an option to disable this?


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  • Plugin Author Enrico Battocchi


    Hi @stevielovegun,
    Thank you for you kind words!

    I know that kind of update notice is not the best choice, since it was introduced in version 3.0.
    Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to design something new for whis minor release, but we are committed to find the best alternative.
    Thank you for pointing out this problem in an open and respectful way!



    No problems. Thanks for getting back to me, despite my typos 🙂



    How the **** do I get rid of this **** message? It appears on every page (even appearing as a sort of ‘ghost’ image before everything else loads), and I can’t get rid of it: click the ‘x’ and it disappears while on that page, but the minute you go somewhere else it appears again!!!!!!!



    Thanks for looking into a better method – like many wordpress users, I run a large number of paid and free plugins. Having dashboard notices from many plugins can make for a really bad user experience.

    Most plugins will use a transient with a long or permanent expiration date to dismiss notices, but for some reason this new Yoast notice will not stay dismissed.

    I’m using wordpress multisite, and I’m not sure if it’s because of that environment or just the way the notice is meant to work. At the network level I’ve dismissed it several times and it always comes back.

    Thanks for duplicate post, it’s such an essential tool for wordpress!

    Plugin Author Enrico Battocchi


    Hi @beowulftheslayer and @dberdal,
    sorry to hear this, there must be some issue with the AJAX dismissal of the notice.
    You should be able to do it by visiting “Settings”→”Duplicate Post”, third tab “Display”, untick the “Show update notice” checkbox and save the options.



    Thanks for the reply! The message is staying dismissed on single sites, but is still showing on all network admin screens.

    I don’t have duplicate post network activated, but it is activated on my main/ root site. The message is dismissed on the root site, but is still showing at the network level.

    The message probably shouldn’t show at all at the network level, but if it does, it should follow the dismissal/ display settings of the root site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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