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  • Hey Amanda,

    It sounds like there may be a conflict on that page, possibly with another plugin. Would you be able to link me to your site with the form, so that I can try and replicate the behavior in Firefox on my end?

    Also, would you be able to try disabling the other plugins on your site, then testing the form in Firefox to see if it works then? If it does, then you’ll want to try re-enabling the plugins one-by-one, until you find which plugin is causing the conflict. Look forward to hearing back!


    Hi tk,

    Thanks for the suggestions. The site is I took your advice and deactivated all other plugins except the MailChimp Subscribe Form. It did not fix the problem. Weirdly, when everything else was deactivated, the form also did not work in MS Explorer, but worked in Google Chrome. Once I reactivated all of the plugins, it went back to its original behavior – works in Explorer & Chrome, but not in Firefox.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hey hey,

    Thanks for writing us back. In testing the form on my end in Firefox, I was seeing that both the Confirmation Email and Success Message were being received as expected.

    Can you confirm that there are no active extensions on your Firefox browser, and also try clearing your cache and cookies, then trying again?

    Also, when you click Subscribe, are you receiving a Confirmation Email at the email address you’re signing up with? If you are, it’s an indication that the form itself is working, but the success message isn’t showing up on your end. When testing it out, make sure to click Subscribe once, then give it a few moments to see if that Success Message appears after waiting a bit, as it may just be taking some time to generate it.

    If you have any further questions or have any concerns after troubleshooting the above, feel free to post back here and I’d be happy to help!


    Hi. I’m joining w a similar glitch. I tried using embed code and put 2 of these on my webpg. I want one at top and one at bottom. The bottom one (1) works. The top one (2) does not trigger the ThankYouConfirmYourEmail page, but it did trigger the Confirm Email and the following forms. This is awkward since the subscriber get’s no direction to go to their email to confirm. In trying to remedy, I entered a thrid embed code (3) in a new block above #2. #2 still didn’t work but #3, above #2, did.
    I think it was in Chrome and Firefox. Removed cookies. Still the same.

    Hey there lgoldfish,

    Thanks for posting. The plugin should be able to handle two forms, each having its own success messages. Would you be able to try disabling all other active plugins on the site, then try signing up to your forms again?

    Also, can you confirm whether this is only happening in Firefox, or is it all browsers? When ONLY using form #2 on your site (meaning you have forms #1 and #3 disabled) is it working as expected? Also, do you have a link to your live site with the active forms (and the problematic one) so that we can test on our end?

    Look forward to hearing back!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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