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  • hi, i am using the subscribe2 plugin. i can have the opt in box on my wordpress site now problem.

    However, is there a way to add code to a seperate HTML page that will show the optin box?

    I.e. the same way you can do with constant contact / mailchimp etc. They give you some html code and you can add it to any HTML page and it will show the opt in.


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  • @imagex,

    The output of Subscribe2 – the form and any messages re logging in or managing profiles are dynamic output. This cannot be handled in HTML hence there being no code or option to implement this.

    You could copy the form out of the code but I would not recommend using the plugin in this way and if you were trying this it would be through your own endeavours.

    Im currently using subscribe2 in a custom signup box,

    Check how to load the wp framework on any php page, useually you can do something like.. (fix the path)

    // Initialize wordpress framework if missing (when email confirmation click)
    if (!function_exists('get_option'))

    And I call the subscribe2 shortcode whereever I want, like this…

    $shortcode = "[subscribe2 hide=unsubscribe]";
    $content = do_shortcode( $shortcode );
    echo $content;

    I also had to add IDs to the form and elements inside the subscribe2.php file, to make it look the way I wanted.

    Further, to take the return message whenever someone has clicked submit (which hasent been ajaxed yet) I use jQuery to check the ID if its empty – and then react on the message if not empty..

    long story short – its doable, but you gotta stick your feet in the water.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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