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    Hi, mattyrob.

    Our goal is to style our email templates in Subscribe 2 HTML – to dress up the emails. Ideally, they would look like the WP blog theme… but the emails are not getting sent with styling.

    The Subscribe 2 HTML FAQ mentions that the plugin pulls the CSS from the theme. I have checked YES in Subscribe 2 HTML Settings/Email Settings tab (Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications). I tested this functionality using other themes, too, including the standard Twenty Twelve theme in WP. No styles are getting delivered in Outlook, no matter what theme we use. We ideally would like to use the Skeptical theme for our blog (Woo Themes), but that didn’t work either to style the email. So I rolled back to Twenty Twelve as a safe “test.” There is no styling on the email whether I use PREVIEW button on the templates tab, or just using Publish on a Post.

    I tried deactivating the Subscribe2 HTML plugin and then reactivating it. No change in getting a styled email.

    I even looked at the View Source on the email hoping to see the code pulling a style sheet, but there is nothing in the head tag.

    We are running tests on a WP “test” account on our server. Would it be helpful to have our URL?

    Any help you can provide will be IMMENSELY APPRECIATED!!

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  • @angelawaltz,

    There are dedicated Subscribe2 HTML forums for subscribers here:

    But, to clarify, when you say no styles are delivered are you basing that on not seeing any styling or having looked in the source of the email and not seeing a link to the style sheets?

    If the former do bear in mind that styling is a two step process, first you define the style (with a CSS style sheet that should be getting linked in the emails based on your settings) and second you define at HTML element level (usually with a class or id) which styling elements to apply, so you need to put styling elements (probably DIV tags with the correct class or id) into your Subscribe2 template.

    Hi, mattyrob.

    Subscribe2 HTML is not even pulling the WP theme, without any coding additions whatsoever. As a start, I have YES checked on Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications (Settings/Email Settings tab), but no styles are being rendered from the theme.

    So I tried to code DIVs in the Template, using inline styling (no stylesheet), and only margins would move. No fonts, no colors, even though I put background color in and styled the font with a universal web font, etc.

    The point is, no matter how I try to code this template, adding CSS to the theme’s stylesheet, pulling a separate stylesheet from our server, or using inline code, the only thing the template would render were tables. I had some luck with inline styling on the tables, but I realized that is not a long-term solution. And that also means the plug in wasn’t acting as it should, as you mention that using DIVs works.

    So I am stymied and stuck completely. I’ve tested three different themes with Sub2 HTML and none of the CSS pulls into the email, even though YES is checked on Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications. Any intuitions about what might be wrong?

    Oh, and yes, I viewed source and the <head> tag is completely empty. No stylesheet on the email. So, in answer to your question, the Sub2 HTML plug in is NOT pulling a stylesheet onto the emails. Even though I have one linked into the template itself!


    Are you sending notifications on a per-post basis or a digest?

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