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    Hi Anthony,

    Using Quark for a new site here.

    If you collapse the screen to about iphone width and click on the menu button, you see the top level menu items in small letters. The page “Testimonials” has four subpages and these are listed in larger print.

    1. how do I get the print as small as the top level items?
    2. Is there any way to suppress the subpages until the “Testimonials” link is clicked?

    Many thanks

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  • ok, got the smaller font size.

    Now, how do I hide the submenu under a click to extend?

    Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    The only way to hide the dropdown menu items would be to add display: none; to each of those individual menu items.

    Not sure why you’d want to do that as you’d be making it impossible for anyone to navigate to those pages if they don’t get those menu options.

    I don’t want to hide them permanently but I want to control how they’re seen.

    The problem is that there is no obvious structure to the @media links,as there are to the full-screen links. Using WordPress more as a cms than a blog will probably result in more pages and a more complicated menu structure.

    I am not familiar enough with php or WordPress coding, but from what I have seen in the code, could there not be some coding that processed the following concept:

    If page-link target is not a top-level page and if page-link target is not a sub-page of the current page or not a sibling of the current page, then no-display, else displsy.

    If my logic is correct then on the index page, e.g., links for the testimonial sub-pages would not display. The testimonial link would display because it is a top level menu item. On the testimonial page or any of the testimonial sub-pages, however, the sub-page links would display.

    This would make a lot of sense organizationlly and aesthetically – at least to me 🙂 If more than one top level menu item had subpages, the @media menu list would be hard to follow.

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Ok, I went to the Quark demo site and the @media menu is working in a manner similar to the full page menu. This is not what’s happening at my site. On the site listed in the first post of this thread, the menu appears as one long list, with no opening/closing of the sub-pages

    Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    You’re using the small-menu.js javascript file which will make the menu work a little differently on smaller devices. When you click the menu button, the whole menu is displayed.

    On my demo site, I’m not using javascript file. The menu is simply styled slightly differently on smaller devices. This is why you would’ve noticed that this js file was commented out in the default theme.

    So if I disable the button (return the code as it was in functions.php), the menu will work as on your demo site?

    got it. Thanks

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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