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  • Hello, all:

    Ok, so I’m a rank newby. Still, perhaps some1 can help me figure out wussup here.

    I have a website, w/an about page as a parent & 2 subpages beneath that called ‘Elise’ & ‘Jackie’. The theme is twentyten.

    When using wp_list_pages & wp_link_pages, the child pages do not read using a screenreader, though when I do a control u & look at the source, I can see that the links are indeed being listed. It is also evident that visually these links are there. I have tested this w/a couple of screenreaders, & the results are the same.

    If nothing else, that’s a fairly significant accessibility fault. I’m trying to figure out what in this code would cause that to occur, as well as how to fix it–& I mean fix it in the core code.

    I can work around it, but, obviously, most web designers aren’t even going to be aware that this is taking place, w/the result that screenreader users may be missing very important information on their sites. So it needs to be fixed in core, I’m thinking.

    Thanks for any help/insights.

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