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  • I have a site that has a main horizontal navigation bar with lists the three topmost pages in my site. I have a few levels of subpages under each main page, and when I dive into one of the sections, I would like to show all of the subpages as a nested list in the sidebar. For example…

    Main navigation:

    Page ONE | Page TWO | Page THREE

    If I go to ANY page that is a subpage under Page ONE, in the sidebar I would like to show:


    • Subpage A
      • Subpage Aa
      • Subpage Ab
      • Subpage Ac
    • Subpage B
    • Subpage C
      • Subpage Ca
      • Subpage Cb
    • Subpage D
    • Subpage E

    Any thoughts?

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  • I’ve found this the other day here in the forum (by searching for display children pages and similar keywords), just don’t remember where…
    $thispage = $wp_query->post;



    Perfect! Thanks.



    I am using Regulus and having trouble with subpages. I have the same set up, a few horizontal links at top but sublevels 3 deep. Only the first level of subpages shows up and the link does not go deeper. Can I use his and where does it go? I am php illiterate.

    This is the site

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