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  • I had made some modifications to the plugin in the past to extend things a bit (and fix a possible bug), but I couldn’t find anywhere to submit them. Since the plugin has updated again, I figure I’ll open a thread here to try to get them to you.

    The changes I made were:

    1. Added a Filter for the Quantity of each Cart Item that is used for the Bulk Discount calculation so that it could be programmatically adjusted if desired.
    2. Adjusted the calculated Discounts to be per Cart Item rather than per Product ID. This is important as there were potential issues where if a more than one Cart Item shared the same Product ID it would inherit the Discounted Rate of the last Cart Item with that Product ID rather than be assigned its own based on its Quantity.
    – This is often not a problem in normal usage, but if the two Cart Items had differing Cart Item Meta it could cause them to separate in the Cart. Then if the first Cart Item of that Product ID had 5 items and the second had 2 and the threshold for the Bulk Discount was 5, the first Cart Item would not get the Bulk Discount despite qualifying as the calculations would be based on the last found Cart Item of that Product ID.

    I’m not super SVN-savvy, but I could get these changes to you as either a Git Diff or I could send you a ZIP of v3.0.0 of the plugin with my changes applied. Whichever you prefer is fine with me.

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