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    Before I begin, I want to say that I have been able to find a wealth of information in regards to other issues I have had with my WordPress installation in the forums so thanks to all of you who contribute.

    However, I have been over every post I could find in regards to the “Submit for Review” button “eating” posts and frankly, I’m at my wits’ end on how to solve this problem.

    I can see that the posts are floating in limbo somewhere when I log in as Admin and go to the edit posts page. The “All” count is significantly higher than the “Published” count because of the test posts I have been creating as I have been troubleshooting this issue and yet nothing I do allows me to edit or even view the submitted posts.

    Points to keep in mind in regards to the troubleshooting I have done so far:

    Logging into my test contributor account and submitting a post yields a “Post Published” message instead of submitted.

    While I am hosted by Yahoo, the WordPress install I have is done correctly, meaning I did not use the “One touch” install I’ve seen so many people having issues with.

    I have uninstalled and verified each of my plugins, starting from a bare bones set up to try and correct the issue.

    I also cannot future date posts but at this time, this is not a concern unless of course the issue is related.

    Comments submitted for review are functioning properly.

    We are currently running 2.7.

    I have scoured the forums before making this post. If anyone can assist me on this issue, I would be very grateful.

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  • Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Same thing here. Help needed.



    So, I managed to puzzle out what was going on…

    In reviewing my sql install, I went under my blog database through my phpmyadmin page, accessed the table “wp_posts” and just happened to notice that there was no type ‘pending’. There was also no ‘future’ type but more on that in a moment.

    I went in and edited the field and added ‘pending’. I then logged on as my site’s test user, a Contributor, did a quick post and submitted it for review. Sure enough, when I signed in as Admin, the post was there pending review. Adding the ‘future’ type also solved future dating posts.

    Apparently, without the type, WordPress doesn’t add the ‘Pending’ or ‘Future’ markers to the “post_status” field. Thus adding the type didn’t allow me to pull up the old posts that had been future dated or submitted.

    I’m not certain why these types were left off of the sql install and I’m uncertain if this is the issue others are having. However, seeing as how none of the posts I read made any mention of this, I thought I would put this up here. I hope it helps someone.

    For those of us who don’t know SQL or where to look or to go to fix this, can you give detailed instructions? This is really frustrating.

    Ok, I installed the phpmyadmin page, got to the wp_posts table and the post_status field. Edited it to the following: " ALTER TABLEwp_postsCHANGEpost_statuspost_statusENUM( 'publish', 'draft', 'private', 'static', 'object', 'attachment', 'pending' ) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'publish'"

    Unfortunately, I also got the following SQL error: #1044 – Access denied for user ‘******’@’localhost’ to database ‘blog1’

    Uhhhh. Now what?

    i’m having the same problem.
    i don’t get the solution in this thread at all.
    could anyone explain it better than Gritskrieg?

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