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    I have a user on my Website who has the role of Contributor. He wants to submit a post. Since this is my first experience with this, I created a Test User whose role is ‘Contributor’. All the documentation that I’ve found indicates that when I log in as Test User, and write a post, I should not get a ‘Publish’ button, but rather I should get a ‘Submit for Review’ button. However, the problem is that I am instead getting a ‘Publish’ button.

    Is this new with WordPress 5.0 (I have now moved to 5.1)? When the Contributor clicks ‘Publish’, will I, as the admin, still have the responsibility of reviewing and publishing the Contributor’s post (which is what I want to happen)?

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  • According to the capabilities posted on the codex here:, a Contributor can only:

    • Read
    • Edit
    • Delete

    I can’t say why your Contributor role is able to publish. Do you have some time of role manager plugin installed?

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    Thanks for your response. No, I don’t have any role manager plugins installed. I also read that codex reference in my investigation before posting this question. The codex says a Contributor can ‘edit_posts’. It then defines the ‘edit_posts’ as:

    Allows access to Administration Panel options:
    Posts > Add New
    Comments > Awaiting Moderation

    So a Contributor can add a new post. This is also stated at this link: here

    Other links (example: here) say that the Contributor role has a ‘Submit for Review’ button instead of a Publish button.

    However, I find that on both of my sites, users with a Contributor role has a ‘Publish’ button available.

    Tony Zeoli


    Hmmm, the Contributor should only be able to add new and save for review, but you’re saying that’s not the case.

    The only thing I can think of doing is taking a backup of WordPress, then re-installing by overwriting core files (not wp-content or wp-config, as those should not be overwritten).

    Also, delete and re-add a .htaccess file.

    Then reset your permalinks.

    See if that helps any.

    Also, disable all plugins and see if there is some plugin affecting the contributor role.

    I can’t think of any reason why a Contributor should be able to publish.

    Maybe someone else has other ideas.

    Tony Zeoli


    I would also add a new Contributor as a test user and see if the same thing happens. Make sure to toggle that user to an Editor, save and then toggle back to Contributor, save, just to make sure they are in that role and test.

    If you’re logged in as the Contributor, then hopefully you’ll see that submit for review feature.

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    Thanks for your responses, Tony.

    I found the ‘problem’, but I didn’t have to re-install anything. I found out that when a Contributor adds a new post, he sees the ‘Publish’ button. Once he hits ‘Publish’ he is presented with ‘Pre-publish checks’, which show the ‘Submit for Review’ button. I noticed the ‘Pre-publish checks’ started with WordPress 5, and none of the articles that I found described the new interface (the articles on the WordPress site say they haven’t gotten around to updating the documentation yet).

    I didn’t see this before because I never hit the ‘Publish’ button during my tests. I was afraid I would send my subscribers notification for a ‘garbage’ post from a Test User, and I didn’t want to annoy them with it. And I thought I shouldn’t be seeing a ‘Publish’ button for a Contributor, when all documentation that I found showed the ‘Submit for Review’.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.

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