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    The submit button on Contact Form 5.0.2 does not work on click. Does it maybe have to do with the fact that I have an “Invalid mailbox syntax is used.” error in Additional Headers field? If so, how can I correct it? It is set to Reply-To: <[your-email]>.


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  • For me the submit button works not on Firefox, but fine on Chrome.
    Nothing found in the console of Firefox.
    No “invalid mailbox syntax” error message.

    Version: 5.0.2



    if you added an acceptance checkbox via acceptance-shortcode you have to check the box, otherwise it seems as if the submit button stops working. (“By default, an acceptance checkbox works as a required field, so you can’t submit the form without selecting the checkbox.” – To get some validation messages add acceptance_as_validation: on to the Additional Settings section.

    Yes, I have added acceptance checkbox. I’ve tried it both with checked and unchecked, but upon clicking nothing happens. I also can’t fix Invalid mailbox syntax error in Additional headers field.

    I have the same problem, since the update the submit button isnt work anymore.

    I have no solution for that. In the debugger i see only one warning at line 238 by script.js: = $( data.into ).attr( ‘id’ );

    i’m not a developer. Please, some solution for that…

    I tested deactivating plugins as resolved in

    Won’t work for me. Spinner is still spinning

    Mine isn’t even spinning. It’s like it’s just a button without any action.

    submit button not showing

    Was this ever resolved? Because I have the same issue as stzim: there are no error messages nor are there any animations indicating that the message is being sent. Once you hit, “Send,” nothing happens.

    The solution for me was to change the form template to:

    [text* your-name]
    [email* your-email]
    [text* your-subject]
    [textarea* your-message] …etc.

    <button class=”green-round gr”>Send</button>

    For some reason, with this template the Send button works properly.

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    For me the contact form isn’t working either.
    The strange thing is after I submitted the form through the Enter button, the submit button is working fine!
    Also the button shows the hoover effect wcich in the first place was NOT working either.



    For me it’s the same as WebExplorer (@webexplorer) writes: FF 63 WIN display unclear Error Message … couldn’t be sent … when using the SEND Button, but hitting ENTER sends uncomplainingly
    Anyone an idea?

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    Also got the same problem, SEND button not working/nothing happens when pressed.
    Any ideas?

    What do you mean “when you press ENTER it sends your message fine”
    When I press enter, the cursor goes to a new row, how do you send by pressing ENTER?



    Well, i did just what @stzim suggested, it worked pretty good. Strange thing though. Thanks!

    We’re having the same issue. None of the posted solutions work, including creating a new simple form or using the Enter key instead of clicking the button with a mouse.

    This problem came up after migrating to a new server with PHP 7.3 (php-fpm) and NGINX (instead of Apache). Not sure if those are factors or if there is a permission issue. I can’t find any errors in the logs or in the console.

    I disabled the ajax load by changing

    if ( ! defined( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS' ) ) {
    	define( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS', true );


    if ( ! defined( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS' ) ) {
    	define( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS', false );

    as a temporary fix. The forms work, but we would prefer to be able to utilize ajax submission.

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