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  • bchase2


    I’ve installed the plugin and created a short questionnaire. The preview within the plugin shows the submit button, but when I use the shortlink or the post URL to create a user-side view, the submit button is nowhere to be found.

    I have deactivated all other plugins to check for a conflict and even with QSM as the only plugin active, the submit button still is not found on the user-side page view.

    The rest of the layout and functionality appears to be all be fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am working with a child theme and even tried activating the primary theme with no impact.

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  • bchase2


    Added info: using the developer tools in Chrome, in the Preview within the plugin, the input type =
    <input type=”submit” class=”qsm-btn qsm-submit-btn qmn_btn” value=”Submit” style=”display: block;”>

    When I load the page from the user view input type = \

    <input type=”hidden” class=”qmn_quiz_id” name=”qmn_quiz_id” id=”qmn_quiz_id” value=”1″>

    Frank Corso


    Hey @bchase2

    Thanks for choosing to use this plugin! Hmmm…that is definitely an interesting issue. Could you temporarily switch to a default theme, such as “Twenty Seventeen”, just to rule out any conflict from the parent theme? Also, does the submit button appear correctly on the “Preview” tab when editing the quiz?

    Lastly, if you use the shortcode on a page/post instead of using the autogenerated post, does the submit button show then?



    I’ve tried disabling all other plugins and tried using just the shortcode on a manually generated post with no luck.

    The submit button does appear correctly on the “Preview” tab.

    However, switching to a default theme does bring back the submit button, so it clearly does appear to be a theme conflict.

    For this particular site, I used a theme builder, similar to Visual Composer, to put the site together. I am not sure if there are any other suggestions you might have (I know you can’t speak to the theme code), but I am not confident the theme builder developer will have any interest in trying to troubleshoot a single plugin issue.

    I appreciate you assistance. Great plugin and great support. I am learning php, so perhaps I can figure it out down the road…

    I have a similar issue. The submit button shows up fine using the shortcode, except on mobile/ small screen it disappears in Chrome. It shows up fine on a large screen using the shortcode or the quiz URL, but not on mobile.

    I had to abandon using the shortcode and link to the auto generated post instead, so display options aren’t as good, but it works on mobile now at least.

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    it seems I have a similar problem – here is the fix I use:

    Problem: When using QSM on an screen with a small width (e.g. a Smartphone) a css defines for “.qmn_pagination” (in which the submit-button is embedded) a max-height of 50px. This led in im my case to showing only about half of the submit button.

    Fix: I use the style “gray” with loads the css “qmn_gray.css”. In this css-file I replaced in the definiton of “.qmn_pagination” the line “max-height: 50px” with “max-height: initial”

    Perhaps the creators of qsm could look into this issue?


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