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  • It could be a conflict with another plugin. Did you install any of those others since February (when you received the most recent review)? Try disabling all the plugins except for WP Customer Reviews, and then reactivate them one at a time to see if you can spot it. The ones that look suspicious to me are Shareaholic and Fancybox but that’s just a guess.

    Good call on that combo… it seems that when shareaholic and fancybox plus are both on there is an issue..

    Shareaholic on it’s own is ok.. Fancybox doesn’t have a recent update from what I remember.. Shareaholic pushes updates fairly regularly.

    I don’t know what Fancybox does on my site (been there since it was made)… so I guess I will try turning it off and check out some pages to see what is up.

    Thanks for pointing those two out. Did you see anything in the code etc that pointed you to those, or just purely a guess?

    I looked at the page source to identify those plugins but it was mostly a guess. I thought Fancybox might be interfering since it works on <a> tags, even though I didn’t see any of its effects enabled on that reviews page (Fancybox is a nice JQuery lightbox popup thing, usually used for images / sliders). And I found this which made me wonder about Shareaholic: — the comments on that thread about Shareaholic injecting spam into the site are wrong but it made me think that maybe that plugin was causing some trouble in your case too.


    Ok, I got this fixed, on my main page I have a photo bar, usually if you click on one of the photos it would should up larger in a box. Now I just get a spinning wheel, guessing it’s a conflict again given what you say Fancybox is. Any ideas on that one?

    It looks like your fancybox plugin hasn’t been updated in some time. You might consider going with one that’s been maintained a bit better. We tested this one recently and it seemed pretty good:

    The setup wasn’t totally easy though – hard to figure out. But it worked nice when we got it going.

    Thanks.. I’ve been thinking that too, but I can’t seem to find any info on moving from one type of box plugin to another, I’m not sure if it’s as easy as uninstalling one, and installing another.

    Any tips?

    You should be able to deactivate the original plugin and install/activate the new one, then configure it. Just don’t delete the original one until you have the new one working. Your images are already loaded onto the site so you shouldn’t have to redo that part. With Easy Fancybox you just have to set some global options and it will display all your images in the popup. You don’t have to reset or reconfigure every image reference, it should handle everything on your site pretty seamlessly once you’ve got the main options set.

    Thanks, I will check it out!

    Really appreciate your insight and help.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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