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  • Hi! I have a site with badgeOS set up. I have several submission/review type achievements. I did some tweaking today, adding a new achievement type, running upgrades to plugins and tweaking caching settings.

    During the day, the submission forms from achievement single pages disappeared. Even if I add the shortcode [badgeos_submission], they still won’t show up. Not sure what has caused this… There are no entries relevant to this in the error log, nor in the badgeOS log.

    Also, i’m having trouble to get “Maximum Earnings” to be 0. It seems a value of zero is ignored when saving the settings.

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  • OK, by creating a new user, I was able to see the forms again. For some reason, my existing test user was not seeing the forms, even though they did not have the achievement.

    And I think I figured this out by reading some other threads, where it was explained that having a future achivement in a chain of steps will disable the earlier ones. Chaining achievements together created this situation. Sorry for the noise, but maybe someone with a similar problem finds the answer here.

    Sounds similar to some submission form issues we’re already aware of and trying to debug yet.

    If we figure it out soon enough, it’ll be pushed in the 1.4.0 update we’re at beta with, if not that soon, then probably a 1.4.x bugfix release.

    Thanks for reporting your findings anyway 🙂

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