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    I am building a site consisting on several home exercises for logged in users. I basically want them to follow a set of directions and submit a small summary of their progress. Based on the content of their submissions, the admin would approve or deny the exercise and award the user a set number of points for appropriate submissions.

    Here are my issues:

    1. How can I prevent the user from seeing any of his/her submission forms or adding comments? I thought this would be covered by the “Hide From User” drop-down menu in the admin controls, but it makes no visible difference in my site’s front-end.

    2. Is there a way to allow users to submit each exercise multiple times while his/her other submissions are pending approval? As much as I’d like to keep on top of things, I may not be able to approve all the exercise submissions on a daily basis but I would still like to allow users to submit the exercises as often as they do them (which may be multiple times a day in several occasions). I want to avoid setting things to “Auto-Approval” since I’d like to avoid having to reclaim points from users that end up ‘cheating the system’.

    Thanks in advance for your support!

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  • 1. Just to be sure, are you checking with a test user’s account? or your own admin account?

    2. I am not personally sure offhand. I do know that submission based achievements has a lot of development planned for the next release, which is 1.4. This makes me hesitant to say anything for sure because it could change. However, I think we’re also early enough where I can submit your questions in #2 so we could accommodate if it’s not already present.


    Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

    As far as answering your points:

    1. I have been testing with a “Subscriber” user account that has reading capabilities only. When this didn’t work I tested with the admin account as well, but it’s the same issue.

    2. Nice to hear! I’ll be looking forward to the release.

    Had to track my way through the code a little bit to remember that the “Show to user” part is mostly for the achievements list shortcode, and not so much an aspect regarding the specific achievement.

    Regarding hiding the content, that’s not going to be as simple now. Not sure if you’re the only person creating the site, or if you have other team members who are doing stuff like the design/development of stuff. We do offer a WordPress filter hook for the output, and that hook is badgeos_render_submission. It holds all of the html markup for the submission including the approve/deny bits and the comment form.

    While it’d be easy to “wipe out” the whole part in a safe way, it take some more work to remove just parts of it.

    The other way that I can think of would be to just use css to hide it, but not have it permanently removed. With the revamp in the works for this area pending, I’m not sure which method I’d call optimal. The filter would be less likely to break something, but you’d have to remember to undo that once updated. The CSS method is easiest, but could also show through a bit if you update and forget to re-show.

    If you need any more info or help figuring either of those out, if you decide to try one, let me know.

    Hey mgv9694 is this good to close as resolved? or do you still have some issues or perhaps some questions?

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