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  • I am using Techozoic Fluid version 2.1.1, and WordPress 4.1.

    I have created a submenu in the Menu settings area. When I view source on the page, I see the submenu in the source. When I run with Developer Tools in Chrome, I see that the submenu is “appearing” in response to the hover event, but it is 6 pixels wide by 50 pixels deep and so not visible. I am essentially copying the look and feel of a comparable site, which uses Techozoic Fluid also. I see that their submenu HTML looks the same, but all the submenu items are 200px by 28px.

    So, first question, what controls the size of the submenu items, and why is my submenu item only 6px wide?

    Second, there are differences in the CSS in the view source of my site and the other site, related to the submenu. In particular, there are three subclasses that refer to “.sub-menu” although that subclass is not in Techozoic style.css. All three set the background color and one sets the background color on hover. So It seems that I would need this CSS because the submenu items do indeed appear inside a “sub-menu” CSS class in the HTML source.

    Has anyone else had issues with submenu items not appearing on the hover over the navmenu? Anything else I can provide to provide more detail? Any next steps?


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  • I should also add, the hover is being detected. The background color of the menu cell changes color, and the small triangular gif pointing upward that indicates there is a submenu appears along the bottom edge of the menu cell.

    Also, I know that the stylesheet engine at the PHP level has registered that there is a submenu item because when the menu first loads, the downward triangular gif indicating that the menu cell has a submenue is visible.

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