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  • Hello! I am trying out a few themes on a site I am making (locally on XAMPP), but I noticed something that is quite annoying actually and hoping you can help out. When there are submenus, they show on “hover” instead of a click when in mobile view (desktop is fine). Is there a change I can do so that the submenus only show onclick and not on hover? I’ve seen one theme before where the dropdown arrow is clickable and shows the submenu.

    If you are someone visiting the site and click on the mobile menu, then as you move your mouse down the menu and hover over an item that contains a submenu, it opens, even if the person is not wanting to go there so you end up with a bunch of submenus being exposed (opening, closing, opening, closing) as you go down the menu to the one you want.

    Thank you in advance. By the way, nice looking theme overall.

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  • Hi,

    This only happens if you visit the site and then shrink the browser. Otherwise the mobile menu doesn’t behave like that so this isn’t really an issue. You can check by shrinking your browser and then refreshing. We’ll see what can be done to eliminate it completely.

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