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  1. KKostreva
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am BRAND new at developing a WP site from scratch. It is entirely different than what I am used to as far as merely making updates (another site I control was designed by a pro).

    I have managed thus far to Google and find solutions. I am stumped on two issues. Please be as detailed as possible if you can offer an answer (aka, "visit header.php and look for this exact code, and replace with xyc"). Note, I am using Colorway theme. I find often the code is not where most people suggest.

    (1) Regarding the site http://www.onpointpublishing.com, on the ABOUT page, for example, you see menu options About, Press, Events, Contact at the top. About is highlighted in green. Below that you see "Home>> About" and then again below that the title "About".

    How do I eliminate "Home>> About" AND the title "About"? I just want the menus at the top (which highlights in green which page you are on). I find this terribly redundant.

    (2) How do I change the color of the theme? I dislike the green. I have tried to locate the code as suggested and it is not under style.css. Only colors I found were variations of white, grey and blue. No green. I have also tried a plug-in called Theme Tweaker. it picks up the colors I wish to change (#008000, #213A06, #244006), but the plugin does not seem to work for this particular theme.


  2. OlegBon
    Posted 4 years ago #

    (1) You may need to CMS:
    "Options" - "Reading" customize "The home page display"

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