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  • This is terrific (admittedly I’m self-interested) but I wonder if you could provide more detailed setup instructions, specifically where to put the calling code.


    hi bill , i just write a short intro on how to setup for this module ..

    thx for mentioning

    Very interesting plugin indeed. Good job!

    thanks for creating this plugin

    Thanks for the instructions. I posted a follow up question on your blog.

    there is a small bug when display the bookmark for single post with sidebar , i should release a patch this weekend,

    but here are a quick fix, edit the submark.php on line 211
    you should see

    if ( $submarkmark_done )
    delete this 2 line and the plugin should work

    Hilo ,
    just release the submark 1.1
    Whats New in Submark 1.1 ?

    * Fix Bug for Bookmark Link never show in single post with sidebar
    * remove all the Bookmark icon ( i feel those icon which i make really looks sux )
    * change the icon for RSS feed
    * added pluck rss reader service
    * added simpy bookmark service
    * added new feature RSS for Email, the visitor click on it, will subscribe the feed with their email
    * added Rmail for rss4email service
    * added Rssfwd for rss4email service
    you can see the demo and the project page or download it

    submark 1.2

    whats new ? the submark_mark function been change,
    now you choose what delimeter to split btw the bookmarks


    Just finish submark 1.3 , these are the changelog

    * added Google Reader support
    * added Solosub support
    * added MultiRSS support
    * fixed default bookmark listing in meta
    * remove the list style on each feed image

    i just did some update and split the submark plugin into 2 plugin ak-subscribe for handle subscribe and ak-bookmark for handle bookmark issue

    more detail about update at here

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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