• Hi All,
    I am using “Travelogue” by Joshua Lyman…love the theme. I’m just starting so there isn’t anything to see from my site. Look at Joshua’s site (http://www.podq.com/travelogue/) and see where the “Search” and “Choose a Topic” options are, that’s the subheader, right? How could I get rid of that (and put the Search in the right hand column)? I’ve unsuccessfully tinkered with the style.css and the header.php. Any suggestions are appreciated…..thanks.

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  • vfloyd,

    I didn’t get back to you immediately because it took some tinkering. What you are looking for doesn’t exactly fit into the layout, because the header has a fixed height. However, you could try and force things around a bit. I’ve only tried this in Firefox, so cross-browser results aren’t guaranteed:

    In style.css…
    Add to the style of #subheader:
    display: none;

    Add to the style of #content:
    position: absolute;
    top: 200px;

    See how that works out for ya. And you can put the search and browse widgets in the sidebar under Appearance > Widgets in the admin panel.


    Thanks Joshua….that sort of did it, I’m still working on it.

    AH-HA …. I get it. It really won’t work….but I can work with this.

    Thanks Joshua.

    Hi, I was able to work around this problem by commenting out both the subheader section in header.php and #subheader in style.css. Posts and page content float upward to fill the space very nicely. It’s a bit of a hack but it works!

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