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    I thought I did everything right when migrating an existing multi-step WordPress install over to another server for use as a development server. (ref. this:

    I compressed all the wp files to preserve their permissions and used the special search and replace tool (over here: to change the domain name in the db (which is the only thing that changed, everything should be exactly the same as the production site).

    The main domain works and I can log in and get to the admin page. But for all the sites on my multi-site (which are configured as subfolders), it says for each one that:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /<subfolder> was not found on this server.

    All the files are there in blogs.dir and their permissions are 775, so they should be readable found.

    What else could I have done wrong?

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  • I suppose this might be an .htaccess file problem (since the 404 is from apache, not from wordpress), but I have the same .htaccess as from the production server and there is nothing different between the two other than the domain name (of which it does not appear there is anything related to that in the .htaccess file.

    so when i see some people saying update my .htaccess file, i have not idea what that might mean.

    *sorry to add another post, but the thread does not show an edit button for editing the original post to add more information*

    If I could edit my original post (and not “bump”) I would.

    Update: I’ve tried installing a fresh and clean wordpress subdirectory multisite on the same server (nuking the previous wordpress install) by following the rules:

    The problem still persists in that the multisite installs fine, but when I create a new site on the network and visit it, I get the same apache 404 error.

    So it must be the server and some configuration that I haven’t set (mod_rewrite is enabled). I have literally spent all day scouring these support threads and others to figure out what could be misconfigured with the server, but I have no clues either from the server or from wordpress. Really hoping someone here with a little insight and experience might help, have not had so much problems with wordpress before.

    ANSWER: had to make sure AllowOverride All was included in /etc/apache2/available-sites/default file

    so… there you go.

    Hi I’m having identical problem. But I can’t find that file… I’m really stuck here Can you give me a little more details about how to fix this?



    @lukelukeluke – Please start your own thread if you need help – this thread is marked resolved. Also, post it on the multisite forum. If this is still the issue you’re discussing here:

    Please just continue there. Duplicate posts are deleted/closed.

    Fixed it! Hooray! And in time for christmas. My .htaccess file was somehow empty after transfer of files.

    Put the code back in and it works

    Awesome – Merry Xmas :)!

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