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  • Hey all,

    Here’s my situation:

    Had a WP site hosted in my root folder. Wanted to basically start over, but wanted the original site to stay intact until the new site was ready. So I installed a new install of WP in a subfolder. No problems.

    When I was ready to switch I updated the .htaccess file and index.php in my root folder to direct the domain to the subfolder. Again, no problems.

    The problem is when I attempt to preview a post I either get a 404 error or told I don’t have proper permissions to view drafts.

    What I do notice about this problem is that because I have to log into /subfolder/wp-admin, even when I’m logged in as an admin, when I visit the site, so do not see any admin controls – the black bar at the top – etc… so the site does not identify me as logged in when I’m on the front end. I think because of this, it won’t let me see the preview.

    Under my settings>general> I have

    WordPress Address (URL):

    Site Address (URL):

    Which I think is correct. I believe that if I change the top one to not include the subfolder, I will get that loop where it won’t allow me to log in at all. So I’m not even messing with that.

    Anyhow… any thoughts anyone?

    Any help is appreciated. Not insanely critical, but I would definitely love to fix this.


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  • Nevermind, I guess. I’m logged into my site today, and everything is working as it should. I have the admin options while browsing my site, and I can preview posts.

    I did literally nothing. Yesterday it did not work (as described above), and today it works perfectly.

    I’m baffled but happy!

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