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  • I am trying to setup a WordPress install that will handle sub domains in way that would allow users to register within a sub domain and store that subdomain against their profile. I am currently trying a Multisite setup with Theme My Login installed and get most of it working ( custom fields, re-directs..etc. ), but the issue is that when a user clicks the registration link they get directed up to the network home ( or root domain ) and I loose the subdomain reference. I need to know the sub domain the user started with.

    Ideally I would like to direct a user to where they can login or register…etc. and stay within that sub domain. I only need the user management stuff and maybe a single page per sub domain.

    Starting to think I need to roll my own authentication/usermanagement piece, but if anyone has a suggestion that would be great!

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    Custom authentication and user management sounds daunting! My approach would be from the direction of mod_rewrite or WP_Rewrite. The sub domain should remain available from either the request or referer string this way. You could always store it in usermeta to be sure. It’s all just smoke and mirrors, but from the user’s perspective, everything should work and look as expected.

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