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    I wanted to know if you know a way that subdomains get the same pages than the main domain but with "subdomains urls" inside the pages.

    It's hard to explain but here is an example: My domain is "www.mywebsite.com", I create subdomains like "affiliate1.mywebsite.com", "affiliate2.mywebsite.com", etc. I want that these subdomains display the same pages than my main domain, but the problem is when I redirect the subdomains to the root, even if urls work, links inside display the "www.mywebsite..." form, and I would like they display the "affiliate1.mywebsite..." or "affiliate1.mywebsite..." form (for opening pages, articles..).

    How can I get those results. Is there any plugin or a code to succeed?

    Thank you in advance for your help (and sorry if I don't explain well in english).


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