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    I have setup multisite using subdomains thinking that it would allow me to have multiple sites hosted by the same WP install where each site has its own domain name.

    What I want… and
    What I see… and 301 redirects to

    If I setup as a primary mapping on, I get a ‘too many redirects error’. On my host, and both have an A record pointing to the IP address of (where all the sites live). I could setup CNAME records if that will help, but none of the documention I found was clear on how that works – what do I map to what?

    Is there a way to setup to use the multisite install but retain the URL? If not, is the only solution to have multiple installs with multiple databases?

    thank you

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  • I already have the domain mapping plugin installed. In it, I have and as a primary mapping (that’s what I meant in the 3rd paragraph about the ‘too many redirects error’ and setting up as a primary mapping). It didn’t appear to let me map at all since that’s the core domain of the network.

    DON’T map 🙂

    Have you read and followed those steps?

    I have read that, though not all of its steps mapped to my conditions. For one, it took me a while to realize the ID comes from the db since it doesn’t show up in the sites list. Also, I have a subdomain setup, not a subdirectory setup.

    What I see in my Network Admin > Sites list is this…
    Domain with Mapping [none]
    Domain S with Mapping (the Domain is S, not, since it is a subdomain setup?)

    In S’s Dashboard > Tools > Mapping… as Primary

    As I said in my original post, when I tried to set to be the Primary, I got a ‘too many redirects’ error.

    One other consideration that I haven’t explored – the site is setup on Nginx with a server with ‘server_name *’ – do I need to tweak my config files to make this work?

    How bizarre – after some more searching and reading, I tried making primary again and maybe the DNS changes needed time to propagate?, because now it works.

    I also made a change to DNS settings on my host to remove the A record for and replace it with a CNAME record mapping * to

    Not sure which is responsible but now it works.

    Thank you for your help along the way (an added voice can help keep one going).

    maybe the DNS changes needed time to propagate

    They always do 🙂 Took me 4 hours last night cause I’m a dumbass and forgot to lower my TTL before changing an IP.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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