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    Hello, forum members! 🙂

    Some generic questions regarding WPMU…

    1) Is creating a wildcart subdomain (*.mydomain.xx) the only way to make WPMU-Subdomains work? If not, can you provide me with a solution?

    2) Is supposed creating a wildcart subdomain (*.mydomain.xx) to restrict me from using other subdomains (blog1.mydomain.xx) for other than blogging purposes?

    3) Is there a possibility to transfer page-blogs (mydomain.xx/blog1) to subdomain-blogs (blog1.mydomain.xx)?

    4) Can I use WPMU’s subdomains (blog1.mydomain.xx) for domain mapping (blog1.mydomain.xx shows information from example1.otherdomain.xx)?

    Any response is appreciated. I wish to thank you in advance for the time spent to answer my questions.


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  • It’s now WordPress Multisite, not WPMU 😉

    1) No, you can do it manually too. I wrote (it’s DreamHost specific, but you should get the gist)

    2) No, it’s supposed to make it easier to make new sites without having to manually make a subdomain.

    3) If they’re actual pages, then only if you mean you can export content from one site and import it into a nother.

    4) Kind of. You can map to but I don’t know why you’d want to map subdomains like to

    There is domain mapping plugins, so you’d have to test it out, but in theory it should work.

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