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  • I am new to wordpress. I just installed the latest version this morning.

    I have a site in develpoment for my real estate business that is wordpress based. I want to use subdomain, but I am not sure how to setup wordpress for that, or if its possible.

    I’d like the blog to be at blog(.)mydomain and so on. Any help in this area would be appreciated.

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  • If you have cpanel access or other tools your hosting company provides it’s usually pretty simple to setup a subdomain that points to a directory on your server. i.e. actually points to and then you just install WordPress in that directory.

    Subdomains aren’t the issue, I want the information on the subdomains rather than in a subdirectory. Is that possible with wordpress?

    They can be the same thing.

    So if the subdomain is pointed to the subdirectory, does that information get indexed the same as if it were solely on the subdomain?

    I should probably be more specific….

    For my real estate page I will have the main page – mysite(.)com

    Then I want to have pages for each of the surrounding citys/areas I service. such as:


    This way each area/city has its own subdomain which to the SE’s will be treated as a seperate site from the main site…. if that makes any sense.


    If you mean a truly separate site, you’re looking at a WordPress multisite installation, which is pretty easy but will take a little muddling around to get used to.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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