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    If I setup a WordPress site with subdomains (not Multisite subdomains) , can I have a google search for the website name and a location (subdomains are by location) go to the most relevant subdomain and if there is not one then go to a default subdomain. And, does this type of setup cause problems for search engines.


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  • It’s all about search engines jobs, not wordpress matter.

    Even you install wordpress on sub-sub-domain (sub.sub.domain.com) it may still get indexed by search engines.

    The problem is when you have same/duplicate content on sub-domain and main domain ( www.domain.com is sub-domain “the www“, that’s why you need to choose main site domain inside google webmaster).

    This is not a WordPress issue, but a Scripting issue. Sadly there are no plugins(yet)(you must be a seasoned Web Developer, or hire one to do this)One thing you may want to consider is use this script to redirect your user based on their location:


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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