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  • Moshu wrote:
    I don’t understand what is so complicated.
    (we should move this hole discussion in a new thread – it has NOTHING to do with the Loop, btw)

    I have a very similar setup: – where WP is installed in the blog folder.

    This is the URI I put in the admin > Options > General settings. For both fields!

    The subdomain is NOT redirected. Always stays as you see it above.
    The blog works perfectly… believe it or not 🙂
    Posted: 2006-09-25 18:28:49 #

    Frabjous day! It worked!
    Wow… at first it didn’t, but I must have typed something wrong.

    I also found a solution for all the links I put up here and there for

    I made a new subdirectory and put an index.htm file in there with a script that redirects browsers to

    Still wish I had a subdomain that worked right, but I can hold on to figure that out later.
    Thanks for your patience.

    It was real screwed up a few minutes ago, but that’s due to a step that I won’t bore everyone with spelling out here.
    THANKS especially for telling me about the Options > General thing… I didn’t realize that that was the spot that told WP what to work with when making the “next” “previous” links.


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  • I still think you are over-complicating it… but if it works for you – happy blogging 🙂

    I guess I don’t understand how I am overcomplicating it. The reason I am leaving up that subdomain is just because I’d given it to some people and made a bunch of links to it on my own site, so that way they will still make it over to the right spot.

    If you see a simpler way, though, I’m all for it.


    1. You said you have this “subdomain”
    2. Then you have this real address:
    3. And ther is some mysterious new subfolder/subdirectory redirecting to #2.

    If “bradydale” was a real subdomain you could have installed WP in there and you could access your blog at that address #1.
    Why can’t you do that? In my cPanel when creating a subdomain it asks me: do you want it to be redirected somewhere or not? I clicked – NOT. Or something like that, anyway.

    OK, when I get home tonight I”m going to play with it…
    but I think you’re first assessment was right. My subdomain is fake. Though I don’t think I fully understand what you’re saying.
    My subdomain just redirects you to a folder in the main directory. it still shows up as if it were a subdomain on your addressline, but I think it’s fake.
    I think it does confuse wordpress somehow.

    it still shows up as if it were a subdomain on your addressline

    I don’t see that. It redirects and it shows the redirected address in the address bar.

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