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  • Annie, your dev site is not correctly setup, check the sub-domain setting to make sure everything is good. call your host in the mean time.

    As for extracting posts and pages, just export everything as an xml fie and you can move it anywhere you like, no need to set up a separate site to do that.

    I set it up correctly. I’m not sure what happened and I don’t have time to futz with it more, so I deleted it and am now trying to solve this mess with a local install.

    As for extracting – well, yes, that was why I asked the earlier question (different thread). The only response I got from a mod was to set up a localhost site (see above). SO my question is – HOW do you export the sql to an xml file?


    Sorry if people are confusing you. On the old WordPress site, go to dashboard, tools, export. Export for WordPress (all content). When you need to import this to the new site, go to the same place and instead of export choose import from WordPress. It gives you the option to import images as well if there are any. That’s all.



    Sorry, this misunderstanding was my fault – the reason exporting is out of the question is because the old site is dead. I’m rebuilding it on a new server but the only thing I have is the backup SQL file. 🙂

    Ergo – no exporting for me, unless I can manage to get this freaking localhost issue resolved now. I’ve given up on the dev. site.

    In that case, if you have a copy of the databse, username, and password, you can just edit the config file to pint to this database. Then you can export everything.

    How do I do that? Not a coder but not afraid to try it. Just don’t know what the line edit looks like.

    Update: I fixed the localhost install problem, so will go at it this way. Thank you so much for your help, shirazdrum!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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