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    I have my business site setup and have 25gb of server space and am currently using less than 1gb (lmao!) and I want to create a site for a club I am in. I thought instead of buying hosting for that site, I could create a subdomain and host as part of my business site.
    My host says I can install WP on the subdomain as well as the top domain, they said just create a folder and install in there.

    Is it really that easy?! I have created the folder, and when I go to it’s link, it pops up with a ‘not found’ page on my top domain site. So once I install WP in that folder, it will go to it instead? It won’t show my own site?

    I looked on another thread asking to do 4 separate installs, and answers included networking, but I think the separate installs would be the best way to go about it? As I want to keep them separate and let the person who runs the club have access to it, without having access to my own site.

    Also, could we then buy a domain name for the subdomain and redirect, will that work, also?

    Just don’t see the point in buying the hosting when I have all that space sitting there.

    Thanks =)

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  • By all means share out your surplus hosting.

    What you should do is have the club register a new domain name, and make it an “addon domain” within your hosting manager, give it its own directory and not a subdirectory of your prime site, cPanel wants to give you a subdirectory, but you can just edit the suggested text. Make sure you setup the site with new passwords and don’t reuse any of yours. You will also have to manage their email if they do emails under the new domain, you cannot share the cPanel login but you can give them their own WordPress website with admin login, you can also give them a limited FTP login to manage the website if necessary.

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    thanks for the reply.

    it seems i cannot create an addon domain with my host, as i am not on the correct plan… =(

    and it is obviously not cost effective to upgrade my plan.

    oh well, i guess they need to buy their own hosting!

    thanks again.

    The only remaining option is to put the club onto a subdomain, but this would cloud the value of your own URL and your brand.

    One option is to host at wordpress.com, starts at free, you can also use a regular domain name. I understand there are several levels, some free with obligatory advertising, to paid with no adds.
    All in all the cost of hosting is pretty negligible.

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    i was looking around last night, found hosting for £1 per month and doesn’t seem to increase in the subsequent years. also found some free hosting sites that i’m going to look into some more.


    If you’re on a hosting plan that doesn’t allow add-on domains your other option would be to enable WordPress multi-site.

    Basically, you’d have to edit your wp-config.php file to include:

    /* Multisite */
    define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

    You would then navigate to your WordPress admin and setup your network.

    (Recommended to read this before starting)

    The Codex has very good documentation on this:


    Since your web hosting package allows you to create subdomains, you would setup your second site on a sub-domain and then redirect the domain to the site using a CNAME DNS entry:


    The only big downside to this is your club’s website would be tied to your hosting account and would share themes/plugins that you install.

    However, you are able to give individual users unique access to each respective site. If you’re the sole administrator is may also save you sometime updating as you can handle everything inside the master install.

    Definitely a great way to save money and a very powerful feature of WordPress :).

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