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  • ok so i read in a post about how to set up wp while maintaining the previos site up that you can set up a sudomain, Keith Driscoll mentions that he likes to work with sub domains, now my question is once you have finished preparing the site how do you bring it up to the main domain? do you have to redirect (relink) all the images and pages or does WP knows what is happening.
    Sorry this may be a very fool question!!

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  • You’ll find it easy to move your site to the main domain: Using a Pre-Existing Sub-directory Install

    Your site should be working all on its own in the sub-directory (not linking to images in the original install, etc) before you launch it on the main domain, so there shouldn’t be any reason to relink all the images or pages.

    For search engine efficiency, however, will the new pages have different urls than the old ones? You may need to create .htaccess listings to redirect old links.

    you can read tutorials on how to transfer wp site on different domain. As domain and sub domain are considered as two different domains. Still from personal experience if you change the domain the site becomes bit sluggish I think. so its better to build the site where it belongs. however, transferring is not big deal as well. your question “does WP knows what is happening.” in case of domain change wp wont know. however, in same domain if your change the slug wp tends to remember what’s happing.

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    thank you both for help!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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