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    For our company, we want to have a main website designed in WordPress, and then microsites for some of our large clients. For example, our main website will be http://abc.com and the microsites will be 123.abc.com, 234.abc.com, etc.

    Most of the text will be the same throughout all of the sites, but we need to be able to customize some of the text on some of the microsite pages, and insert additional pages on some of the sites. I would like to have a database that includes the standard language, and then be able to customize pieces of the text for an individual microsite by updating the database.

    Any thoughts on a good way to accomplish this? I'm very familiar w/ HTML and CSS, and just now learning WordPress/PHP, and I've been charged with making this work.

  2. Duplication of Data is Bad. Unless this is an internal only site, duplicating data will hurt your search rankings. So that idea that 'most of the text will be the same...' is a poor one.

    Look at how the big boys do it. If they have subsites, the PARENT has all the 'same' data, and they just link back for that. Your readers are, generally, smart enough to understand.

    WordPress Multisite can totally handle subdomains, but really take a long look at Google's documentation on why data duplication is bad, and if possible, explain to your company that it will hurt their bottom line.

    Stop letting people who don't know what they're doing drive these decisions, it'll hurt your business.

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