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  • Hello together, i have encountered a new problem.

    At the Moment i have my MU Blog running really fine, still a little afraid from updating to 3.1.3, but that will be done today.

    Having here now around 300 Single Subdomains/Child Blogs but a blank Start Page. I don’t want to have on the also an Blog, normally i would like to have here an toplist script running. Sounds easy for me and so i startet that, creating an folder, putting install files inside and run the install. All fine that way. After that i had to lock the folder by htaccess, also done. When i tried to change to an other menu option, i always got the wo error page:

    Title: Nothing found for Toplist Admin Script
    Message: Error 404 – Not Found

    I can’t even enter now the folders there.

    Normally i liked to use a Template in WP, point the Toplist to the point of the index.php of this template, so that i get overwritten by the toplist. Like i have done it already with the blank page.


    Is it possible to tell the htaccess to ignore a specified folder?


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  • There’s nothing native to WP that would cause it to ignore physical folders (in fact, the physical ones always override the virtual ones). Do you have caching tools setup ?

    No, nothing like that.

    I tried now the whole time searching for a solution.

    Always if i use a PW Protect i get an 404 Error Page from WP.

    If i put a htaccess with
    RewriteEngine Off
    into it, i can use it absolutely normal.

    Maybe i just have to find a version where is a pw protect and RewriteEngine Off in one htaccess.

    What are you doing to ‘PW Protect’? A plugin or what?

    Also a htaccess:

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "admin/"
    AuthUserFile "/home/XXXXX/.htpasswds/public_html/"
    require valid-user

    In that way. I think what i have posted there was one of the last Versions what i tried.

    Given that you’re seeing something I can’t reproduce, do a couple things.

    1) Turn off ALL your plugins on your site. Yes, all. yes, it does suck.

    2) Disable the .htaccess/.htpasswd set up.

    One of those two changes SHOULD make it work again. When it does, you’ll know where your conflict is.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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