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  • Hello, I’m having some troubles with a wordpress multisite. I simply want it to be two subdomains, and I’ve been doing all I can and now my files are all messed up and I don’t even know where to begin.

    Could someone just explain how the subdomains are working.. I’ve set up a wildcard subdomain on my bluehost but the second site isn’t working..

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    Define ‘isn’t working’

    What’s teh error you’re getting?

    There also might be some confusion here on how to deploy multisite. If you want to get two subdomains only out of multisite, then you need actually have three sites. But I can really thing of a few different ways to manage what you are wanting, but I’ll try to explain the easiest one.

    If you do ms as a subdomain-type install, then all your subsites are going to have a URL that is a subdomain of the main site. Multisite is really just a bunch of virtual subsites circled the main site where you installed WP. So….

    To get the two subdomain sites you are looking for, simply install WP on your domain following the instructions for a subdomain install and then use the admin area to create two subsites. Having a wildcard subdomain isn’t the issue. Each new subsite will simply be a subdomain site.

    Then, if you aren’t interested in using the primary domain, there are various tricks or plugins you can use to hide or conceal the main site leaving you with two independent websites each with a subdomain as the URL.

    Depending on the problems you are having, you may need to just delete and start your install from scratch if you are working with a relatively new install.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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