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  1. newfnewfie
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I have a subdomain I am trying to get WordPress to work on but all image files (such as the WordPress logo) do not show in both the admin panel and the theme itself.

    I am assuming this is a redirect URL issue but could use some help.

    The blog on the main domain works fine at:

    But on the subdomain....

    ...which is really http://mrturf.ca/blog
    ...the images do not load. There may be other problems but I have yet to search for them.

    The cpanel setup I have for the subdomain is:

    mrturf-ca.spinning-blue-planet.com (public_html/mrturf.ca)

    And the URL itself is http://www.mrturf.ca

    With the blog directory located at... public_html/mrturf.ca/blog

    Any help would be appreciated. Thx!


  2. moshu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    WP "hates" this kind of redirects. You will always have troubles.
    It works perfectly well on a subdomain (even in a subdir of a subdomain - I have such an example), just don't bring in any URL/domain redirects. That kills it.

  3. newfnewfie
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello... I have this cpanel config:

    Under Add-on Domain:
    mrturf.ca (mrturf-ca)

    No redirects are set up on it.

    Under Subdomains:
    mrturf-ca.spinning-blue-planet.com (public_html/mrturf.ca)

    No redirects are set up on it.

    I want to install a working blog under:

    And access the blog from:

    Is this set up wrong for a subdomain? It's strange to see it listed as an add-on domain and a sub-domain.

    When I try to access the admin panel with this URL:

    This is what appears in the address line:

    That seems like a redirect but I have no idea why.

    Thx for the help!

  4. newfnewfie
    Posted 8 years ago #

    When in Fantastico, the pop down menu for selecting "Install on domain" lists:


    When installing to either MrTurf location I still have the same issue.

  5. newfnewfie
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Please reply if you know how to fix this.

    Can it be fixed by going through the WordPress code and adding full path names?


  6. moshu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I don't know - never had addon domains; never seen the usefulness of them.
    If a domain points to a subfolder of another domain of yours... usually it breaks the normal functionality of WP.

    Under Add-on Domain:
    mrturf.ca (mrturf-ca)
    No redirects are set up on it.

    As it is set up it is a redirect in itself!

  7. bilbo56
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I just went through exactly the same problem with a new installation, which I put on a subdomain.

    It was installed using Fantastico under cPanelX to http://subdom.domain.com which is actually http://domain.com/subdom

    I went back to cPanelX SubDomain management and refreshed the redirection to "disabled" (null) and straight away WP was working properly with all images loading. Technically I don't think I did anything other than to enforce (initialise ??) the subdomain setup.

    Hope this helps.

  8. moshu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Yes, bilbo56 - you did the right thing ;)
    The most common mistake people make: setting up a subdomain AND redirecting it. No need for that. Leave it as "real" subdomain without any redirect tricks and it will work flawlessly.

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