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    I have run a single user install of WordPress for a couple of years, but recently decided that I would like to run one or more blogs on the same domain. So I took the plunge and set up a network following the instructions in the codex.

    Installing the network seems to have worked fine. I set up a wildcard subdomain, which my host ( specifically offers. I modified the .htaccess for subdomains, and created blogs.dir, giving it 0755.

    I went ahead and created a site as Network Admin, which all seemed to work fine, but am not able to get to the Dashboard for the site. The database tables for the site are created just fine, but the address won’t resolve at all. I am assuming there’s an error with the wildcard subdomain, or what else could it possibly be? How can I check if WordPress can use the wildcard subdomain? Should I contact my host?

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  • If the address doesn’t resolve at all, then it’s not set up right either in apache or dns.

    If it’s giving you the error that the tables do not exist, make sure that the install has the correct username & password to the database. I had a similar issue and updating that info resolved the issue.

    Andrea Rennick


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    What’s your domain name? We can ping it to see if the wildcards are done right.

    My domain name is, but it’s definitely a host issue at this point. I checked with my host’s support and they said that the www site masked the wildcard subdomain, and that it should be fixed now.

    Unfortunately now even the main site’s address isn’t resolved anymore, can’t be pinged, so I am waiting for my host’s response.

    This is all good now, my host did indeed fix the issue with the masked subdomain, and I can now reach the new blog I created on the subdomain.

    All resolved, thanks for the willing assistance! 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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