• I’m hoping someone can help me out… I added the Google Analytics for WordPress pluging to my site after years of people telling me how useful GA is. I setup my GA account and installed this plugin, authentication worked just fine but I’m getting no tracking results. I’ve waited more than the usual 24 hours and I can only assume that my problem has something to do with my site being on a sub-domain instead of my root site.

    I’ve looked through the plugin, debugged it, scoured these forums and Google with no viable solutions. Can anyone help me figure out what I’m missing? I’m honestly not completely clueless, I must just be overlooking something…

    My GA account is registered to http://www.bareasschoppers.com yet my WP site is actually on the subdomain tech.bareasschoppers.com. GA says that one account can track subdomains as well, so is it possible my problem is in GA or with the plugin on WP? I’m not actually sure what additional information I need to post for assistance, but will gladly provide as much info as I can to those who can assist me.

    PS – I debugged the plugin and I can see the JS code is loading in the header.

    Would it be easier to just cut/paste the GA code in my header instead of trying to use this plugin?

    Thanks in advance.

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