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    I have a domain ( in bluehost , In which I want to make some subdomain , like


    I have created a network according to ( )this tutorial . I have created a wildcard (*) subdomain .Network setup is done , and I have created two sites like toronto.postafreead,ca and Whenever I try to visit or ,it doesn’t open that site ,it just show the banner of bluhost . Or I if try to visit the dashboard of subsite it shows a error message ( 500 Internal Server Error error ) .
    what is the cause of this error and what is the solution for this ?

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  • A few main things to check that are often overlooked.

    1. Make sure your wildcard subdomains * entry is set to have its document root pointed to the same folder as your domain.

    2. Make sure you have wordpress installed to that folder that your: domain and your * subdomain are pointed to. (I’m seeing your hosts page when I visit: — So it doesn’t look like WP is installed here currently).

    3. Be sure to set your .htacceess file for the WP network, otherwise you will very likely see 500 errors.

    If you do still see 500 errors after using my suggestions above, you could contact your host to see if they can check the server logs for what in the site may be causing the errors most hosts will have an ‘error logs’ area on the control panel that you could try to use as well to track those types of things down.



    Thanks bh_wp_guy

    I just forgot to point document root folder

    thanks a lot

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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