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    I enabled multisite and set up the network according to instructions. (The WP install is in its own directory, but the main blog sits in the root directory.)

    I enabled wildcard DNS by setting up a * in CPanel.

    I followed these instructions:

    However, when I try to install a second blog, it seems to work fine in the Admin panel, but when I click on the subdomain URL in the Admin panel, I get this message from Firefox: “Firefox can’t find the server at”

    I just double-checked to be sure that wildcard DNS is working.

    What else could possibly be wrong? I’d really appreciate a little help from one of you kind experts 🙂

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  • Hi, I just had a similar problem trying to install WP to an add on domain and I had forgotten that I had to set up the DNS servers at the hosting provider first. Have you done this already? I just did mine but it warns that it may take up to 24hrs for the address to propagate.

    Thanks for the reminder, Peatee, but I wasn’t even trying to use an addon domain — just a subdomain of the main domain. And the DNS are pointed to the correct server.

    Now that I have the blog back up, I can give the address, in case that helps.
    The main blog is at
    The subdomain blog is supposed to be at

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    I just double-checked to be sure that wildcard DNS is working.

    How? 🙂

    First of all, I enabled * on my Cpanel. Then I checked with hosting support to be sure that did the job. Response was in the affirmative.
    But I just saw your other post re

    You must have recommended that to too many people 😉 (it’s taking forever to come up.. haven’t timed it, but I got results back from three other servers in the meantime).

    On The domain came up fine.
    I think you meant that we are to check the subdomain. Is that correct? In my case, that would be
    I got the message “No results found.”

    Just to be sure, I checked another main domain and working subdomain. And they both came up with the same IP address. So I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant.

    Now what do I do??

    In my network admin panel, the subsite shows up as

    I too am having this very same issue. This is my third attempt to set up a multisite using subdomains. None of which have allowed me to access additional sub-sites created. I get the same error message that you are getting inge12.

    I’ve had no issues doing a multisite install on previous versions of WP until upgrading to 3.5.

    Please let me know if you find a solution.


    For someone else’s question, Mika suggested that a subdomain may take 8 hours or so to propagate. I wasn’t very patient the first time around, but it’s been more than 8 hours this time. Still no reachable subdomain.

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    If your site shows up with the red X on then the answer is “You didn’t finish setting up your DNS correctly.”

    This problem IS NOT Multisite, folks, it’s … well … it’s you 🙂 I know that’s a really shitty thing to say, but it’s something you did (or didn’t) when setting up DNS.

    Remember domains have two parts:

    1) DNS – This tells the world ‘When you want, come to IP’

    2) Server – This the server ‘if people are looking for, go to /home/folder/path/yay/’

    Odds are you didn’t set up wildcard DNS is all. 🙂

    Thanks, Mika. 😉 You helped a lot by pointing me in the right direction. As I mentioned earlier, my hosting support said it was set up correctly. So I went back to them saying, “but it’s not working,” and providing the evidence, as you suggested. So someone found an error and replied thus:

    There was a syntax error in your zone file. You had a TXT record without quote marks around it. Things work now

    Well, I didn’t actually edit a zone file — just did as Hostgator instructed: Added a wildcard subdomain to my domain. So it must have been a system-produced error. Things don’t “work now,” but I have hope that within a reasonably short time, they will.

    All that time I wasted deleting the install & starting over again! <grrr!> Next time I’ll know better than to figure that a re-install saves time. 😉

    Like I said your support here is invaluable — better than the kind we pay for by hosting, etc. 😉

    (By the way, I’ve also found that the free WordPress plugins often work better than the paid-for versions. Go figure …)

    Everything is working now. Thanks, Mika!

    For anyone else who happens on this thread:
    Patience is key.
    Be sure wildcard DNS is enabled.
    Then follow instructions for setting up multisite.
    Set up your child blog(s) as instructed.
    Check to see that the subdomain or domain resolves correctly. Patience! It may take up to 24 hours.
    If it does not resolve correctly, check to see why wildcard DNS is not working.

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