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    Hello smlaci
    You must still specify the same path of the directory in the first field.

    For example my file upload is: / website / wp-content / uploads

    In the first field, here is the path: “wp-content/uploads”
    In the second field: “

    Normally the field 2 + field 1 must give the url that points directly to your images. In my example:

    Anyway, made tests, you will quickly find a way.


    Here’s how I’ve set it up.

    I have WP installed and running on and I want to load images from a subdomain.

    I create the subdomain and I copy image folders from /wp-content/uploads/ to /img/, which is the folder of the subdomain, right?

    Now I have a folder structure like public_html/img/2013/01/file_name.jpg and so on.

    The image is accesible via

    All is left to do is tell WP to load images from /img folder, instead of loading them from /wp-content/uploads folder, right?

    So, in the first field i put img and in the second field, right?

    I did this but images are still loading from wp-content/uploads.
    Only new uploaded images go the subdomain.

    So, how do I make the old images to load from the subdomain?

    Plugin Author RVOLA


    ok I understand the problem … You want to move the old pictures on the subdomain.

    This requires ca, get their hands dirty.
    1 / FTP the images move
    2 / update the GUID of the database
    3 / update posts_content for images

    This link explains the SQL operations:

    The plugin WP Original Path Media works only on the present and the future. It does not deal with old images.

    I hope you have the fortune in your work.

    Thank you, I understand now.

    Plugin Author RVOLA


    your welcome. Think noted the plugin if you wish 🙂


    here is the folders of my site

    i want all my uploads to go into the files folder

    so in the path to upload folder do i place /files or do i place files

    how can i make may meaid file link like

    @reginald just files, no /.

    Plugin Author RVOLA


    The plugin does not work to change the folder tree wp-content/uploads / possilbiité with putting a subdomain.
    It does not work on naming your images and / or with the author’s name in the folder.

    Plugin Author RVOLA


    @ ReginaldTerrell

    files is a folder?
    whether the first field in this rule: files
    in the second

    not completing the field by slash

    Ok i am not sure what i did but…i copied(not moved,just to be sure)all my media to a subdomain and i changed the path from fields 1 and 2.And i was ready to run the sql queries to update the links(for my old media).But there is no reason to do this…all my old images are opening from the subdomain and not from the ‘wp-contents/upload’:)

    same here, i don’t know why but it doesn’t bother me.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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