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  • I’m facing a problem with my installation I guess since it’s happening with everything. within the administration panel and in the page itself.

    apparently wordpress does this

    instead of it does

    the search also used to give the same result but I searched the forum and found an answer to replace PHP_SELF

    but not with this.. I can’t figure out what the problem is.. even within the Manage Posts in the administration panel I get the same error.. so I guess it’s not the template.

    The Blog Address and Blog Address in the Options is

    So I don’t think the problem is there.. but probably in the WP-Admin link*.php files.

    Please Help!

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  • Not sure, just thinking aloud…
    Is this a real subdomain or that kind of “fake” one that in reality gets redirected to the real address of ?
    That might be an explanation.

    lol.. Sorry moshu..

    have a look,

    it gets redirected to the subfolder.. any ideas? is the subfolder /uae/

    Please help.

    I’d try to change the two URIs in the Options to – and if it works, the problem is with your redirected subdomain.

    yes it works, so any suggestions for the redirect? it’s done automatically by my webhosting company. and btw.. it only malfunctions in the front page.. if I’m checking the archives where next and previous buttons are there.. they work fine.. just the previous entries in the main page is not working. thank you for your help..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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