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  • I’m sharing a domain with a friend. Her site, the master site, is Mine is I’m concerned that changes I make will affect her site and not mine.

    I’m new to WordPress, how do I make sure that my site is updated with the new theme and not hers?


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  • doesn’t sound like you’re sharing a domain…are you sharing a server?
    why not setup a multisite install? this will keep all changes separate.
    sorry if i’ve misunderstood.

    We’re sharing the server, but I have to log in under her domain. I’ll look into the multi site install though.

    Was I right to keep all the WordPress files under the main HTML folder or should have saved it in the folder for my site.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello Ric_Faust,

    Just to clarify, do you mean that you and your friend are sharing a hosting account? If you were sharing a domain, the domain would be the same (not two different domains)? If you are just sharing a hosting account, you will want to make sure you set up your domain as an Addon domain so that it has separate DNS and a separate document root (folder).

    Unless you are using a WordPress network (formerly Multisite), you should have two separate dashboards (one for her site and one for yours). Simply make sure you log into your dashboard (should be to make your theme change.

    If by chance you are using a network, by default, theme changes apply to all sites in the network. However, there is at least one plugin that allows you to have separate themes:

    Hope this helps!

    Yes, same hosting account, two different domains. I have a folder in the Public/HTML folder with my site files separate from hers.

    So I should create a separate account and change the config file to point only to mine and that will eliminate any chances of mistakingly updating hers?

    Hi Ric_Faust,

    If you want to keep the two sites completely separate, it’s best to do a separate install for your domain. This makes it easier in the future to migrate your site if you want to get your own hosting later.

    Make sure you have set up the Addon domain in her cPanel (or whatever management tool is provided by the web host). If you already have WordPress files in a separate folder under public_html, simply make sure you point the Addon domain to that folder when you create the Addon domain.

    Also, make sure your domain is pointed to the web host’s Nameservers. If they aren’t and you do need to point them, remember to allow 4-24 hours for DNS to propagate after that change.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for all the help, I already have a live site so I’m good with that aspect, just wanted to give it more pizzazz with some of the themes from WordPress.

    I think I’m good to go. Backing up the site now.

    Next question…how do I play with the site without it showing up live? I normally use Dreamweaver for that, but that’s not an option here.

    Hello again Ric_Faust,

    There’s a couple of ways you could go about doing that. You could install WordPress into a subdomain or subfolder of your domain (something like or or you could work with an install of WordPress on a local computer:

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

    This is kind of frustrating since it’s touted as a 5-minute install. That may be true, but the assumptions that you’re downloading to THEIR preferred hosts, you’re starting from the beginning and don’t have a site already, you’re not sharing a Web host with someone to save money are a little much for me.

    Hopefully this will go more smoothly from here.

    Thanks again.

    Hello again Ric_Faust,

    Sorry to hear you’re getting frustrated with your install. If you’re still working on this, here’s my suggetions (hope they help).

    1. Following the steps from the 5-Minute Install, upload the WordPress files to /public_html/ and rename your folder to whatever you will be naming your subdomain (e.g. blog)
    2. Create a subdomain for (e.g. and make sure it’s pointed to the folder name you set in step 1 above.
    3. Run the install script by accessing it in your browser (e.g.
    4. Enjoy your new WordPress installation!
    5. Hope this helps!

    Thanks ChristiNi, I followed your prior suggestion and am using Instant WordPress to create the site on my computer. That’s the issue with this, this isn’t a new site I was looking to give my current site some snazz. Again, another WP assumption.

    You’ve been a big help and I’ve stopped cursing and actually working on my updated site.

    Thanks again.

    You’re welcome Ric_Faust!

    One more thing I would like to suggest. Since you’ve got an existing site/layout, you may want to try an easy to customize theme like Constructor that gives you a lot of control over the layout and design:

    If you choose to use another theme and want to modify the theme, make sure you use a Child Theme for your changes.

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