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  1. jphelan26
    Posted 3 years ago #

    First off I'm totally a newbie with WP. I have a internally hosted WP 3.4 site running on Windows 2008R2 with IIS. Multisite was installed with sub-directories. We have three sites we plan on running off of this one install. My question is how can I get it so an end user doesnt need to put the sub folder in the url they type. As an example we have:

    http://Wordpress (Main Site)

    We would like the end user to just type in for the two sub folder sites just http://Intranet and http://Wiki.

    Since this is internal I have access to our DNS servers and can make "A" and cname record entries, but I cant figure out how to configure WP to make this happen. Assuming it can be done.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. You'd have to map domains for that, and I have no idea if it would work.

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